Twelve years after Michael Pollan first opened our eyes to the modern problems of the industrial food complex, organic farmer and successful businessman Robert Turner explores what has changed in our food culture and how the current ‘grow local’ and ‘farm to table’ movement is now determining where and how we live.

In Carrots Don’t Grow on Trees an organic farm takes center stage in a new kind of agriculturally-based community where residents gain closer connections healthy food and the farmers who grow it. Turner wasn’t trying to build Utopia; the community he envisions is the next logical step for the ‘eat your view’ movement that has already changed restaurant menus around the world. Turner takes a no-nonsense business approach to saving small farms and protecting our local farming capacity while preserving the important knowledge of growing food for future generations.

       New for January, 2018             Carrots Don't Grow on Trees      

US: $16.95   CAN: $18.95      ISBN: 9781946412454

“Great Writing! This story must be told.”
           -Wiley Cash, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Insightful and important. The future of local      food and the ‘eat your view’ movement.”
    -Jason Frye, Author, Travel / Lifestyle Writer and Food Critic

“Why bring the farm to the table, when you can bring the table to the farm!”
A new non-fiction work about building more sustainable and food resilient communities

Recent Press on the Agrihood:
“The newest trend in millennial living…Harkening back to simpler days” -NBC Nightly News
“Farm to table living takes root!” -New York Times
“Moving next to the farm… Heaven on earth” - CBS Sunday Morning
“Farm living, and you don’t have to get your hands dirty” -The Wall Street Journal
“Why you should move to an Agrihood…hyperlocal produce” -Forbes Magazine

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