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Why keep notebooks and journals?


Common uses for a Notebook or Journal:


Observations on the external world

Sketches and Creative Designs

Tasks and Daily Reminders

Expenses, sales leads, contacts

Thoughts, Facts, Ideas, Interests

Goals, Purpose, Personal Mission Statements

Quotes, Articles, Poems, Pictures, self-improvement

Gratitude Journal to record all the things you are thankful for and improve happiness

Travel notes, geographical information, birds, wildlife, plants, culture, temperature, weather, etc.



The Greatest Thinkers and Explorers in History have used Notebooks and Journals, including:


Thomas Jefferson

Mark Twain

Theodore Roosevelt

Thomas Edison

Leonardo Da Vinci

Marie Curie

Pablo Picasso

Mary Shelly

Isaac Newton

Nicholai Copernicus

Ernest Hemmingway

Captain James Cook

Lewis and Clark

Captain John Smith

Robert E. Peary

Henry M. Stanley





Thomas Jefferson used notebooks to record everything, from thoughts and ideas, to the daily weather, his expenses, and when the first crops came in at his farm.   The greatest minds in history have used notebooks to help flesh out ideas, to record information for future reference, and to gain immortality thru the journals and notebooks that they’ve left behind.




Handmade In Italy

For Discovery Books, LLC

Arden, NC.  28704


The paper used in our notebooks contain recycled post-consumer waste fibers.

It is acid free and produced with Neutral ECF fiber content.

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